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Are you a woman looking for a fitness program that will help you melt away fat, supercharge your metabolism, and give you that toned look you’ve always wanted?

Then this is the program for you! This program is specifically designed for women! It’s Insanity on Steroids! AND it’s beginner friendly!

Here are a few on the MANY Benefits you’ll gain from FoxyFit:

  • Almost instant weight loss and improved physical appearance
  • More energy for your work and home life
  • Build sleek muscle tone
  • Your cardio and metabolism will go through the roof
  • Drastically improved self-image and confidence
  • A great hobby, physically, mentally & emotionally
  • Dietary & Nutritional information that will last with
  • you for a lifetime
  • Personal guidance from a team of fitness coaches
  • Build a rock solid core
  • Relieve stress while releasing the “feel good, happy”
  • endorphins throughout your body
  • You’ll take a “mini” vacation every workout
  • And the list goes on and on


Has anyone ever told you…

“I will do everything in my power to help you?”

Now answer this question!

Most people have NEVER heard that phrase or haven’t heard it in a long time!

Hello Ladies! My name is Toni Martucci and I’m
Here to say it out LOUD to you! Try out my FoxyFit Fitness
Program and I will do everything in my power to help you!

I promise you have never seen a fitness website like this! Reading the information below will change your life forever! Please hear out
our SIMPLE and IMPORTANT message.

These are photo’s of only a couple of the many ladies weight-loss journeys that you’ll meet when you come try out our program:


I’m sure you have gone through this before, but this time it will be different! Furthermore, about 92% of overweight people consider starting a fitness and/or nutrition plan for at least six months before taking any serious action! And from that 92%, about 83% end up crashing or completely quitting within the first two weeks! Don’t feel bad if you fall in this
category, many people do!

I’ll tell you what, if you are currently in that 92% and have been talking about starting a program but haven’t yet… then I got the cure for you! In five seconds I’ll push you into that active 8%! Ready

After trying every kind of workout and diet around, I was frustrated at the plateau I seemed to be at for months. I decided to try Foxy Lady Fitness shake up my metabolism and hopefully get some results. Wow – did I!! My body has become so much leaner and I now have muscles!!! I followed the diet and meal plan faithfully and put my all into the workouts. I am thrilled with the changes in my body but also in my endurance and confidence level. You truly get out of the program, what you put in. I have finally found an exercise program that I love that doesn’t seem like working out! Thanks Toni!

Jane Dudley - Mother of two

Garden City, NY

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Sorry If I am being too blunt….. But I get so frustrated thinking about all my ladies stuck in the hopeless pit that diets and gyms suck women into. Let’s begin with my feelings on diets…

>>>Diets Don’t Work<<<

Yeah, I’ll say it loud and proud, Diets Don’t Work! Come on, don’t say you haven’t tried it and failed, we all have. We have all googled the magic diet that will make us lose weight and feel great as quick as possible; but instead we end up losing a pound or two, being hungry 24/7, feeling sluggish, and ultimately we end up crashing and gaining all the weight right back plus a couple of pounds. Now we feel worse then before our so-called “diet”.

Diet’s Don’t Work because your “diet” is the way you eat, therefore when people say they are “going on a diet” we already know it’s never going to work because you cannot wake up one day and decide to change the way you eat for the rest of your life, your setting yourself up for failure. Your diet is something you have to feel comfortable with, this is why you eat what you eat because it’s what you feel comfortable eating. You don’t tell you friends “I’m on a Diet” when your eating normal, Diet sounds to temporary when in fact it is actually something pretty permanent. Therefore we need to make your “diet” in general healthier.

What I am going to do is make your “normal” eating habits Healthier. I will introduce you to a new permanent Lifestyle… that you will not only feel comfortable with, but LOVE.

Eating healthy and tasty foods will make you feel better from the inside out, look great, feel more energized and loose those extra pounds.


The program is reminding me of my old varsity rugby days…all the drills we had to do. I have been telling some of my old teammates, and they are jealous! Thanks so much for all of this!

Robin MacKay

Why Gym’s are a Waste of $$$$$




How many times can you really go through the same set of exercises on the same circuit of machines day after day? Better yet,
drag yourself to the gym to walk on a treadmill alone and watch the little t.v.’s with the subtitles? How much more boring can it get? And you wonder why you dread going to the gym.


Going to the gym alone is simply not motivating. It is seen more as a choir then a real workout. Just moving through the motions to finish whatever it is you may be doing, instead of putting all your effort and body power into each move will make a huge impact on your
physical results along with your mental results.


Going to the gym without active goals is like trying to cook a meal without the recipe… just because you have the ingredients, doesn’t mean the food is going to come out good!


Well before you do a single training session, I’m going to personally interview you. Together we will create your very own personalized portfolio; we will discuss your goals and how we, together are going to achieve them! My program caters to ALL women.. Whether you are looking to loose inches pounds, improve you health/ lifestyle, trying to tone up or build muscle, and even to the women just looking to be more physically active and have fun; whatever your reason is!

I am here to help you achieve your goals and I will help you every step of the way!

Your Portfolio- Every lady in my program is here for a different reason, we have many different goals, already existing injuries, along with other important information I may need to know. By creating a portfolio we are better able to formulate a plan of action on how we are going to get you to achieve you goals! If you ask most gyms about your portfolio, all they’ll have for you is a folder with your contract in it.

This is also the time we will discuss your current eating habits. We will now go over what foods you do and dislike, paired along with you goals, I will develop a CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLAN for you! Remember this is not a “diet” but simple new eating habits you can keep for the rest of your life. Remember exercising is only half the battle; exercising will change your body from the outside, healthy eating will change your body from the inside out.

Where are you now? Let’s take a look.

During our interview I will also measure your body fat percentage and take your general measurements along with doing a physical assessment test; don’t worry there is no pass or fail on this test. I will take your weight, measurements, height, and use calipers to measure your body fat percentage. Then we do a eries of basic physical tests, like how many push-ups you can do in a minute, how many sit-ups you can do in a minute, etc…. And all these numbers go into your portfolio. We’ll be able to use these numbers later on to see how much you’ve improved!!!

Twelve weeks later you’ll take you physical assessment again and………


My Story

“My whole life I was always on the thinner side of the spectrum. I ate whatever I wanted, drank all the time, and never worked out. Looking back at myself I guess I was one of the lucky few. Up until I got pregnant with my daughter. I, like many other women, used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat even more unhealthy things because now I am eating for two! Well, my lucky skinny body was no more.

The average healthy weight to gain during pregnancy is between 25 to 45lbs, I gained 95! Not only did this extra 95lbs not look nice, but it was not very healthy either.

After my daughter was born I was left feeling miserable, fat, and ugly. I couldn’t let this weight keep going up, so I vowed to myself to bring it down!

I started Foxy Lady Fitness Queens because through the extensive research I have studied along with taking classes at other gyms I was able to create the exact workout that I needed to keep my motivated enough to loose the weight.

By doing my own Bootcamp I have lost all the extra baby weight, plus some. This is why I am now offering my class to all the other women out there that are looking for the same encouragement and motivation to loose their extra weight, or even just the women looking to tone up!”



Hey Ladies! I’m Paige DiBartolo. Fatty, big girl, chubby, just a “pretty face”…..Have you heard these terms before? I’m sure you have. Throughout my life, I’ve been called all these names plus MANY more. I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been able to wear pretty dresses or bikini’s, it’s always been baggy T-shirts and hoodies to “hide” my body.

Throughout High School I was constantly tormented about my weight, friends were hard enough to find, I had only dreamed of being taken out on a date. I became depressed, insecure, and lonely; I turned to “quick fixes” such as fad diets and diet pills, sometimes I would skip meals all together, all which provided little or short term results, if any at all. Collage only made it harder, I continued to loose myself in my weight.

I was 21 when I hit my peek weight of 237lbs; I knew that I had to make a change once and for all. I was sick and tried of being sick and tired. Daily activities became difficult and exhausting, I was always run down and out of breath, ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! So I buckled down, took that plunge and made a change!!

This was when I discovered Boot Camp! Each day’s routine was different and challenging; the cardio was more intense than any amount or running, for the first time working out was fun and energizing instead of being a chore. The other women around me kept me motivated, because they had gone through what I was going through they gave me inspiration! Now here I stand 57lbs lighter!!!

My success was nothing short of hard work and determination. Boot Camp inspired me to want to help others who have lost themselves in their struggle. I want my students to be confident that they will get results, achieve their goals and become the women they want to be. Do you want to change? Lets make it happen, together!!




And make an appointment today for your Private Assessment Today!

“ I feel so much better – a much better sense of well being & happiness, my muscles are definitely stronger, my posture is better. People have mentioned these things to me; so, your program is definitely a success. Keep up this great program Toni.”

-Barbara Britlier

Being part of program is the most difficult, and yet the most rewarding, gift that I could give to myself. The motivation and daily inspiration from the leaders truly drives your success, and although the road is long, there are friends to hold your hand and make the journey well worth the effort .

-Barbara Hodder

I have lost inches, as I have gone down at least two sizes in clothing….I declare your program a success and women I work with are extremely interested.

-Glenda Paull


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